Show 75: Christian Bears

Paul Boag

Marcus is back and talks about what to do if a client doesn’t pay. I look at clearing floats in CSS and we have Richard Rutter on the show giving us the lowdown on good web typography.

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News and Events

Blogger’s code of conduct

This week has seen Tim O’Reilly pushing hard for a code of conduct among bloggers following the vicious online attacks against Kathy Sierra. Although, like everybody else, I was shocked by what Kathy has been through and although I respect Tim’s endeavors to change the current situation, I struggle to see what good a code of conduct will really do.

Tips for Bloggers

Tom Johnson has drawn together 20 principles for a successful blog based on feedback he has received from numerous top bloggers. If you are new to blogging or trying to revive a failing blog this article is definitely worth checking out.

120 Adobe Photoshop tips

Talking of tech tips, check out this superb document of over 100 things you never knew you could do in Photoshop. As a regular Photoshop user I was shocked by just how many of these I was unaware of. For example did you know that you could:

  • Straighten a crooked image using the measure tool?
  • Access key image function by right clicking the top bar of an image?
  • Modify the text on multiple text layers at the same time?

CSS Vista

The wonderful folks over at Site Vista has released a superb new tool that allows you to edit CSS files and instantly see the changes in both Firefox and Internet Explorer simultaneously. Very useful indeed although currently it is only available under windows.

Client corner: Resolving payment disputes

This week Marcus answers a question from Dan in Texas. Dan has a client who hasn’t paid and so is asking whether he should take their site down or not.

The core of Marcus’ approach is to ensure good dialogue with the client. He covers the idea that prevention is better than cure by establishing clear contracts up front but then looks at what steps can be taken if things do go wrong. We also when this happened to us at Headscape and how we resolved the dispute.

Marcus also broadens the discussion to look at it from the client’s perspective. He investigates when a client should withhold payment and how this should be discussed with the web agency.

Ask the expert: Richard Rutter on web typography

Richard Rutter is one of the three founders of Clear:Left and is passionate about typography. In fact he is so passionate that he has produced a practical guide to web typography which is freely available at He therefore seemed the logical choice to introduce us to the basics of using typography on the web.

Agony Uncle: Clearing Floats

I got sent a question by Dan in Texas ages ago and I promised him we would tackle it on the show. Unfortunately I totally forgot about it until I read this recent article by Robert Nyman a couple of days back. Dan was asking about dealing with floats in CSS and how to ensure that the parent of a floated item contained it. This was exactly what Robert was talking about in his post and so I have shamelessly used his thoughts in the show to answer Dan’s question. Thanks Robert ;)

Review: Question Form

I am a great believer in giving users the chance to feedback their thoughts on a site. However its not always that easy. Online forms and email are hard to collate and all of the survey services I have found online in the past are crap. However, recently I came across a site called Question Form which really does stand head and shoulders above the competition

  • It is incredibly quick and easy to put a survey together
  • It provides a painless user experience to the user
  • You have complete customizable control over how your form looks
  • It provides excellent statistics as well as access to individual responses
  • It offers alerts of new responses via email, RSS and even SMS

The basic account is absolutely free and the pro accounts start from as little as $10. If you are thinking of adding a survey to your site then you should definitely check these guys out.

If you fancy trying a form out then take a second to complete the boagworld podcast survey.

Show 75 Script

In last week’s show I posted the rather muddled notes I use when recording the show. This was to make up for the less than perfect show notes I provide here. This idea seemed popular so here is my script from this week’s show.