Web Design Podcast (17) – Christmas Special

Waste the best part of an hour of your life listening to probably one of the most pointless podcasts you will ever hear!

Join Marcus and Paul on their Christmas special where they cover everything from the most annoying things about the web to the worst Christmas sites you will ever find.
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  • Ed

    Thank you.
    You said this was going to be a podcast without much benefit, but actually you discussed quite a lot of useful things!

  • Ed

    oh, by the way – when is the podcast on that magazine? Where can we get a copy from?

  • I think it was a useful show, we learned how little Marcus knows about Mac users :-)
    btw, GREAT redesign on headscape, really impressive! It’s nice and professional with a nice edge.
    Merry Christmas to you guys! (I never want to hear “frosty the snowman” ever again!)

  • Ruth

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the pointer to Netvibes, I’m busy setting up with feeds from my favorite sites and just added Boagworld. BTW Marcus is so right about the BBC site, I wouldn’t dare make it my home page.
    I’m glad you mentioned Ruby on Rails even if it didn’t make your personal top 5. I’m using it right now to build my first serious ecommerce site and I’ve got to say, I think I’m in love :o)
    Merry Krimble
    Ruth (ex-Pat Brit currently stuck in cold, wet, strike-threatened New York)

  • Jeffrey

    I enjoy your podcasts, but I didn’t make it to the end of this Christmas episode. I can only listen to Frosty the snowman a few dozen times before I’ve had enough.

  • For your international listeners; what the hell is “satzuma” the thing you eat at the start of the podcast?

  • Ed

    A Satsuma is a type orange.
    Sad news about Searchfox. Despite being a great RSS reader, they have announced their closure! This is a great loss to the rss world. They were worth recommending, but now they will be gone!

  • Jay

    I know it’s late. But I just found your site/podcast. Great stuff all around. I’m to make netvibes my hompage! Thanks and keep it up!

  • Ed

    I’d like to thank anyone who has linked to my bad site – and it seems like there have been a few!
    If you would like to let yourselves be known so I can see what you have said, that would be nice.

  • Ed

    Oh, and Yahoo has bought Searchfox! So hopefully it will return from the web-grave soon.

  • Ed

    My bad site even got a Digg.com article!