Web design podcast episode 2

Back by a lack of popular disapproval, comes the second boagworld.com podcast. This weeks podcast covers, my failing to be American, an introduction to web standards, arguments over accessibility, rumours of Photoshop CS3 and a review of Dreamweaver 8.

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Well here it is, somewhat early due to a British Bank Holiday and a client meeting on Tuesday.

Below is a brief outline of the things covered in this week’s podcast as well as links to some of the articles mentioned:

Thanks for all the emails

Thanks to everybody that has taken the time to contact me, encouraging me to continue podcasting. Don’t forget, if you have any comments, questions or suggestions please email them to me. Or even better, record them as MP3 files and then email them to me. That way you don’t have to just listen to my voice droning on!

I mention that I have been listening to some other technical podcasts and so here they are:

  • Diggnation (Absolutely brilliant, if only I was half as funny as these guys)
  • WebDevDesign (Yes there is another web design podcast and damn him he is good)
  • This week in tech(general ramblings on technology. Very entertaining)

A better way to build websites

What are web standards? Why should I bother with them? Why I shouldn’t be smug if I already build with them.

Check out my article on the subject


Accessibility vs. Availability

There has been an argument going around for a while about web accessibility. Is it about meeting the needs of disabled users or about meeting the needs of all users no matter their disability, device or browser? This article gives a very balanced view on the subject…read accessibility vs. availability


In Britain this is a floor cleaner, but for the rest of the world it is an exciting methodology that brings together JavaScript, XML, CSS to allow web pages to update without reloading (among other things). Read my article on AJAX

A listapart fuels fixed vs. fluid debate

Should websites be fixed width or fill the browser window? The launch of the new listapart site has caused some to restart this long standing argument. Read one of the more balanced responses.

Photoshop CS3

Rumours have emerged about the next version of Photoshop only months after the previous version has been released. Read some of the proposed features.

Review: Dreamweaver 8

Very nice indeed‘. Macromedia are currently talking about a UK release date of the 17th September.

See the complete feature list

  • Great work! keep’em comming

  • Great to hear the feature on CSS, thanks for being receptive to my feedback! Very informative and I’m going to experiment with a few CSS tips and tricks soon.
    Dreamweaver 8 sounds ‘very nice indeed’. I’ll have to get myself a copy of that and allow it to help me with CSS.
    Keep up the great podcasts and I’ll look forward to the next release.

  • WebDevDesign blushes, dude thanks for the great comment!

  • Hi Paul – just a quick note… Just had a listen to your podcast after seeing some incoming referrers to my site from yours. Thanks for your kind comments on my article – they are much appreciated! I’ll keep listening if you keep podcasting

  • Is there any reason when I start listening to this podcast it sounds like it started in the middle of the show?

  • Hi Scott,
    there seems to have been a problem with this MP3 when I transfered it to my new server. It should have been fixed now. Thanks for spotting it.

  • Hello! Well, I have no idea if you will still get comments posted this far back in the show archive, but I didn’t want to jump ahead… Funny, I did exactly what you suggested, I started at Episode 1, but yes, I sort of feel like it might take me forever to catch up to current (kind of like paying a mortgage or something…)
    Anyhow I am a fetus… ok, MAYBE a newborn, when it comes to web design. But I am a volunteer so they’ve been happy with what they’ve gotten so far. But I want to learn more and havn’t the time or money at the moment to take classes on it… SOO… I’ve really appreciated your podcast so far.
    (As you mentioned, it’s been a bit “superficial” so far, but good foundations about concepts that were off my grid… like CSS & the concept of caring about accessibility LOL)
    You guys are quite entertaining even in the midst of it… that bit about the difference between America’s “totally awesome” and your “a very nice thing indeed” was hilarious.
    Glad to see you didn’t give up the podcast in the “Early Days”.

  • It seams as though the mp3 has become corrupted again. I enjoyed the first show! It didn’t seem rubbish at all!

  • I have just successfully downloaded it Chris. Are you downloading through itunes?