Web design podcast episode 5: Usability Testing

Paul Boag

On this weeks boagworld.com I am once again joined by Marcus Lillington via Skype. In this weeks show we provide an introduction to usability testing as well as review Dreamweaver 8.

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Below is a brief outline of the things covered in this week’s podcast as well as links to some of the articles mentioned:

Shock revelation

In this weeks podcast I exclusively reveal to the world that Marcus is in fact an aging pop star from the 80’s. In a previous life Marcus was in the band breathe that swept the globe with its one hit wonder "hands to heaven".

Visit my favourite Breathe site

Check out this lovely picture of Marcus "nice hair!"

Introduction to usability

Our main feature this week is an introduction to usability testing. Below are just a few of my previous posts on the subject:

Card sorting
Top usability mistakes
Financial benefits of usability
Usability guidelines

Dreamweaver review

We end this week’s podcast with me getting over enthusiastic about Dreamweaver 8. This is based on my blog review of Dreamweaver from a few days ago.