Web Design Podcast Network

BoagWorld, Web 2.0 Show, and the Ruby on Rails podcast have banded together to form Podvine, a network of podcasts with a listener audience of web professionals.

I’m kind of excited about this for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I see this as an excellent way to build cooperation among web design podcasters. It allows us to work together to promote improved web design practices especially in the area of web standards and accessibility.

Secondly, it exposes our listeners to a broader range of web design podcasts than they might have been aware of previously.

Finally it gives us the opportunity to leverage our combined popularity to attract advertisers. I know what you’re thinking; I don’t want ads on the boagworld podcast. Well neither do we. But each week we are promoting some kind of site or product and get nothing in return. If there are great products out there who are willing to help towards the cost of running our show then why not promote them. Producing this podcast is an expensive business in both time and money.

But don’t worry. We are only intending to run a single ad per show and only for products that we sincerely think are good. We are not so desperate for cash that we need to sell any old crap!

If you are concerned about how the adverts might affect you’re listening or if you have a product that you believe to our listeners might be interested in then check out the Podvine website.

  • Sounds good to me.
    And thanks to the power of graphic design and the podvine logo, I no longer mistakenly read, “Pod-veen.”

  • Hey this is great news. It amazes me that there aren’t more web development related podcasts out there. This initiative should really push webdesign podcasting forward.
    And I, for one, don’t mind ads if it helps you guys do things you otherwise couldn’t (like continue making the podcast, or making it even better).
    Keep it up!

  • Lowell

    So, Is Marcus going to be in it? Or just you?

  • The boagworld podcast is in it so that is both of us (at least until Marcus finally pushes me too far and I snap!)

  • I dig the podvine logo… it’d be better though if instead of a block it was a ipod ;)

  • The notion of podcasts, although made popular with hanging onto the iPod name, are really ‘cast player-independent. Podvine isn’t going to perpetuate any misconception that podcasts are for iPods only.

  • So use a zen outline, but I doubt that using the ipod outline would convey just the misconception any more than the name “podvine”.

  • This is very cool. Curious, is Podvine open to adding any more podcasts to its network? I operate a new e-commerce video cast if you think I am worthy.
    I am a long time listener of boagworld – your podcast has been inspiring. I can’t think of a better way to get found than to be associated with the likes of boagworld, web 2.0 and Rails. Great idea, guys.

  • You would need to talk to Josh at the Web 2.0 show but I believe that we are open to other podcasts as long as they have a compariable subscriber base.

  • Thanks for the response Paul. That makes perfect sense – and it will be a long time before we reach any subscription base near the size of yours. The advertisers really stand to make out very well in this model – good luck with PodVine – sounds like a win – win.