Web Design Podcast

After trying to avoid the issue for a while now I have finally decided to practice what I preach and launch my very own podcast on web design.

A while back, I wrote a short blog on the opportunities in podcasting and I have to say I am genuinely enthusiastic about the concept. It is certainly a technology I have adopted personally and I am subscribed to a number of podcasts on technology and science fiction.

What no web design!

It irritated me that you could find podcasts on knitting but not on web design!

The problem I found is that there seemed very little in the way of web design podcasts. In fact, after searching both Google and iTunes I found nothing dedicated to the subject. It irritated me that you could find podcasts on knitting but not on web design! I moaned about all of the web design sites I liked and complained that they were not running podcasts. This is such a perfect subject for a podcast and the majority of the audience interested in the subject would have an MP3 player. Surely somebody would do it! In the end I decided to stop my moaning, get off of my ass and do something about it.

With fear and trepidation

So, it is with great delight and absolute terror that I introduce the boagworld.com podcast. Let us just hope I do not make a complete fool of myself. In order to spread the blame for the success or failure of this cast I urge you all to email me with suggestions for it. What should the podcast cover, how long should it be, how often do you want it? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Although I have worked in web design for over 10 years now I am still making it up as I go along and hate to be referred to as an expert. There are many people much more knowledgeable than I on the subject and so any help would be much appreciated.

Anyway to business:

To download the latest podcast click here.


  • Great Podcast. I too have felt dirty when putting up a pdf. Over all I hate pdfs on the web but they are good for some things such as product manuals, sheet music and large maps.

  • Good stuff. I couldn’t find another podcast on the topic either and there does NEED to be one. I would love to contribute.

  • actually, just found one.
    you still should continue.

  • Thanks for the encouragement guys. It is much appreciated. Also thanks for the web design podcast you found. I shall listen to it later today.

  • Great podcast, Paul. I’m looking forward to your next one.
    I would like to hear a feature on CSS perhaps. The pros over nasty html? Just a suggestion for you.
    It’s such an easy way to keep up with the news in web design, without having to find it all myself =)

  • Finaly, a podcast that about the stuff Im interested in. Great work, keep up the good work.

  • Hi! I’m Chris, from WebDevDesign Podcast. :)
    Glad to find your blog and show. Here’s another Podcast feed you may want check out, called WebDevRadio – close names, totally by accident. :)
    Keep in touch!

  • I just subscribed and love your podcast! It deals with real issues and has information I can use. I have over 20 podcasts and I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Thanks.

  • ed

    oooh – another web based podcast:
    might deal with design issues – mostly to do with “web 2.0”. Maybe you could do a feature on “web 2.0” too!

  • That is excellent. I really need to subscribe to some of these new podcasts. Perhaps there is an opportunity to create some kind of network between us all as well.

  • Ed

    Guess what? Another web design(ish) based podcast. The Web Essentials Seminars podcast has recordings from the event.

  • Yeah, Yeah Ed… old news ;)

  • Hello,
    I just started to listen to your podcast and I find it awsome!
    I started by n° 1 and so on, I hope to be faster to listen to them that
    you are to made them :P
    I got some themes that could interest you to do a podcast about is about
    CGI and complete perl scripting of websites… What do you think of it
    For exemple this website http://www.debian.ch is made like that.
    In the your 2nd podcast you said that the ftp option in dreamweaver what
    a shit, I agree, but you could advise a better one no? Like the one I
    use, that is a plugin for firefox called FireFTP that’s awsome, easy to
    use and light. Here is a link to it so you can discover it if
    you don’t know it already, of course it’s free, and open source. FireFTP
    In the 1st podcast about pdf, I would also like to share a very good and
    light pdf reader I found that’s called FoxIt it can be put on a floppy
    and has very good functionalities, and of course is free, I’ll also
    include a link to it: FoxIT PDF reader
    So that was my first toughs about your 2 firsts podcasts, I’ll listen
    the 3rd tonight and I’ll give you my feedback if any soon :P
    Cheers! Continue, you’re english and good at it :P Don’t fall too
    american :D
    See you!

  • I found your podcast via the Pratical Web Design magazine about five months ago, and I’ve been intending on going back to listen to all your episodes one day.
    With some time off this week I’ve finally managed to get around to this, and despite your warning (at the start of the first episode) not to listen to your amatuer performances in the first 20 or so, I found them very informative and a very good indication of how far you have come along since those early days of podcasting.
    Congratulations on a great podcast, and the show notes feature is great too.