Click! How to Encourage Clicks Without Shady Tricks

If you believe that we shouldn't trick users with dark patterns, then this book is for you. A practical handbook on how to increase conversion and drive sales sustainably without alienating users with shady tricks along the way. Expected release March 2020.

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A Short Message from the Author

About the Book

The web has become a noisy place with millions of organisations like yours trying to get the attention of users.

That has led to many resorting to increasingly desperate techniques to encourage users to act on their website. We have seen an explosion of dark patterns attempting to manipulate users into handing over personal data or make a purchase.

However, these manipulative techniques come with hidden costs in customer service, maintenance, support, return processing fees, and social media backlash.

How then do we encourage users to act? If dark patterns are not the answer, then what is? These are the questions that Click! answers.

Click! shows you how to improve conversion sustainably with practical advice and techniques you can apply tomorrow.

By reading this book, you will learn:

That makes this an ideal book for anybody who is looking to encourage users to act, without resorting to unethical and ultimately damaging techniques.

Whether you are a designer, marketer, entrepreneur or product owner, this book will help.

It will help you meet your targets, improve the user experience and convince your colleagues, clients and managers that they do not need to resort to manipulation.

See a Tangible Return From This Book

Boost Online Sales

Boost your online profits through increased sales, higher average order value and improved customer lifetime value.

Expand Your Mailing List

Expand your mailing list by encouraging site visitors to sign up, and improve the quality of those who subscribe.

Encourage Leads

Encourage more people to contact you via your website and ensure those who contact you are ready to buy.

Increase Margins

Reduce your sales, marketing and customer support costs by creating happy customers who recommend you to others.

Dave Smyth

This is a great book on how to practically, and ethically, optimise website conversion rates. Before, I was roughly aware of what CRO was, but now I feel confident to start implementing these techniques in projects. As you would expect, Paul explains all of the concepts in an easy-to-follow and friendly manner.

Dave Smyth, Agency Owner

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Click! will be available to preorder early March 2020, but secure your discount now.

    Brandon Austin Kinney

    I picked up a super simple testing idea, and saw a 42% lift in conversion rate.  It was surprising to me, so I ran it again to significance with the same result.  That equates to about 2.5 million USD/year in revenue at no additional cost.  So I’d say I got my money’s worth!.

    Brandon Austin Kinney, Director of Lead Generation

    What You'll Find Inside

    This practical guide has 11 chapters full of advice that can start improving your conversion rate tomorrow.

    Avoid the Dangers of Persuasion

    Paul begins your journey towards improved conversion with a rock-solid business case you can take to management or clients to avoid the more manipulative techniques you see online.

    You will learn:

    Measure Conversion Effectively

    You cannot improve what you are not measuring. That is why, in Paul's second chapter, he explores how to measure your conversion rate effectively. Only then can you start to improve it.

    You will learn:

    Get to Know Your Users

    If you want to persuade people to act, you need to understand how they think and what they want. To do that you need to carry out at least some user research. In this chapter, Paul introduces you to easy to use techniques that will get the job done with the minimum of investment.

    You will learn:

    Build a user-centric sales funnel

    The decision to act doesn't take place in isolation and is part of the broader user journey. In this chapter, Paul explains how to understand that journey and build a sales funnel that supports the user's experience, rather than seeking to interrupt it.

    You will learn:

    Address Objections and Reduce Risks

    This chapter explores one of the most important aspects of encouraging users to act — addressing their concerns. Paul shows you how to identify user's objections and then overcome them, so reducing the risk of taking action in the minds of users.

    You will learn:

    Establish Trust and Overcome Scepticism

    People will not hand over money or personal information if they do not trust you. To make matters worse users have learned to be sceptical online. In this chapter, you will learn how to build a connection with your audience and help them learn to trust you.

    You will learn:

    Defeat Cognitive Overload

    In this chapter, you will discover how to reach an audience who is distracted and time-poor. You will learn the importance of not making users think and learn valuable techniques for making acting with you an effortless experience.

    You will learn:

    Overcoming the Problems With Perception

    Are your users taking away the right message from your website? Do they understand what you offer or that it is relevant to them? It is easy to leave a website without acting because you had the wrong impression. This chapter shows you how to address this genuine danger.

    You will learn:

    Never Stop Testing and Iterating

    While Click! is packed with great tips and techniques, the real key to success is a programme of ongoing testing and iteration. In this chapter, Paul shows you how to put in place a methodology that will keep your conversion rate growing for years to come.

    You will learn:

    Address the Whole Experience

    While marketers and UX designers have an enormous impact on conversion, they are only a part of the story. That is why in this chapter, Paul shows you how to address the whole user experience and start encouraging colleagues to help improve the conversion rate too.

    You will learn:

    Where to Go From Here

    With a book this packed with advice, it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, Paul concludes the book with some practical next steps that you can take, wherever you are on your journey to improve conversion.

    You will learn:

    About the Author

    Paul Boag is a user experience consultant, author and speaker who has helped hundreds of organisations improve their conversion rates from some of the world’s leading brands to mom-and-pop businesses.

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