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A number of readers of said they would be interested in adding posts to their own site. Not only will I show you how to do it for but for any web feed without the need to program!

Feed Digest. You enter your web feed, setup some formatting option and your done.

How easy is that! code

To add the feed to your website just copy and paste the code below:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""><noscript>
<a href="">
Click for &quot; Articles&quot;.</a> By <a href="">Feed Digest</a></noscript></script>

Or if you prefer to use PHP instead of Javascript simple use this code instead:

include ("");

I have stripped out all of the formatting to make it as easy to style in CSS as possible. That way you can make the stories look anyway you want. Here is an example of how the code looks:

<div id="boagworld">
<div class="bwItem">
<a href="urlgoeshere.html">Title goes here</a>
<p class="bwDate">(10/10/05)</p>
<ifdescription><p class="bwDescription">Description goes here...</p></ifdescription>

If you decide to use these stories, please let me know. I would love to know who is making use of my content.

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  • Bob

    Feed Digest is brilliant. Just what I was looking for for a little side line I’m working on.
    Great Find.

  • I want mp3 player. What will advise?