Content Clinic Giveaway

Quick! Mr. Boag has left his desk so I’ve got just enough time to do something a bit naughty.

This competition is now closed: However, you can still book a content clinic

I’ve got a 30 minute content clinic session left in my diary and I’m going to give it away for free before he gets back.

Cat hiding in grass with caption - Shhh don't tell Paul

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If you fancy 30 minutes of first aid for your site content, then send me a tweet to @RellyAB telling me what content on your site needs emergency surgery, why I should take a scalpel to it and the tag #hcc1904 for a chance to get a complimentary content health check.

I’ll pick a winner at random just before 5pm BST.

And, as always, I’m available to discuss massaging the kinks out of your about page, pummeling your content descriptions into shape or any aspect of your content’s health.
Book into the outpatient department at our content clinic page.


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  • Hahaha watching the video of Paul himself thanking for an “Excellent, more like this please!” when just above you said “Don’t tell Paul” is hilarious. :)

  • Linda

    So, who won?

    • Linda

      heh, totally fogot about time zones…