Podcasting for profit

Podcasting – Does it have any relevance anymore? Is it a largely abandoned medium and even if you can build an audience, can you make any money out of it.

Many believe that podcasting has had its day. It has been supplanted by Youtube, video channels and Netflix. Where once it demanded huge audiences and had advertisers fighting for ad space, it is now largely forgotten.

It is certainly true that podcasting has declined. This is partly because video is seen as bigger and better and partly because the quality of many podcasts is so poor.

That said, there is still a home for podcasting and that you can generate reasonable income from it. People cannot watch video at the gym, while walking, commuting or doing any number of other activities.

Podcasting is not just about numbers

The problem most people have with podcasting is that they consider it a numbers game. The more subscribers they have, the more they can earn from advertising. But that is not the only way to run a podcast.

The Boagworld show is not about generating revenue from advertising. If anything I am my own advertiser. We run the Boagworld show because it acts as a sales tool for Headscape (our web design business). In fact Boagworld is our only marketing channel. We do not spend a penny on advertising and yet the show and associated blog generates more work than we can handle.

The secret to successful podcasting

So what is the secret to creating a podcast that is such a good sales tool? Well for that you will have to listen to a recent interview I did with the “Show me the mic” podcast.

In this hour long interview I cover everything you need to know about running a successful podcast. I will tell you how podcasting can be made to work for almost any organisation. Its a great interview and well worth a listen.

Don’t believe me? Well listen for yourself.

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