Think WIST

I found this great advice in an article I read about storytelling on the web. It applies to any of us who are producing content and we should all practice this approach.

Charlie Wollborg gave the audience the best take-away for creating content and gaining attention. Before you post, think WIST: “Would I Share This?”

That’s a large part of the success of the recent Kony 2012 video. It tugged at emotions, told a story well and gave a call to action — all the elements necessary for people to share items. Too often we post too quickly without thinking, and we end up giving our audience content without a story. Try not to make this mistake and always ask yourself if what you’re putting out is worth sharing from your personal profile to your network.

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  • Followers on twitter where hard on you for Koni2012 yesterday ;)
    But we all fell for what you are describing we saw, we felt the emotion (Almost cried myself), we shared. Then, and only then we looked for more info on the subject.
    Very well put together piece of advertisement, very effective on the call to action, agree with you.
    Personal conclusion: Kony must be brought to justice. And we must not promote violence or war.