atMedia: Great Design

Paul Boag

John Hicks, Cameron Moll, and Veerle Pietrers share their thoughts on what makes great design.

I was really looking forward to this session and was hopefully it would rekindle my enthusiasm for design. However, although it was an excellent presentation it has left me with a vague feeling of frustration.

The presentation basically looked at the three pillars of design:

  • Typography
  • Colour
  • Grids

However it was their initial thoughts on design that had the greatest impact on me. In short, great design takes time. The more you can think through a design, the more iterations you go through, the better the design becomes. And therein lies my problem. When you are in a competitive tender situation it is often the time allocated for design that gets cut in an attempt to reduce the price of the project. I often find myself rushing design in an attempt to stay within budget. It can be a frustrating process.

What the presentation has done is inspired me to start pricing projects more realistically in order to ensure design gets the time it deserves.