Do you make users go ooh!

Paul Boag

Do the websites that you are involved in contain anything that makes your users go oooh?

If you want users to remember and return to your site, there are two things (amongst others) that you have to do:

  • You have to engage them with the design.
  • You must project a sense of quality.

Both of these are achievable by including little design delighters on your site. The kind of thing that makes users go oooh!

You might be thinking that the sites you are involved in are just too dull to have that kind of impact, but that is not the case. Any site can include design delighters, because they are about the details and not ‘flashy’ design.

Take for example logging into WordPress. Get your password wrong and the dialogue vibrates slightly. Or scrolling for the first time on an iPhone, where it gives a little bounce.

Other examples would be shopping baskets where items physically move to the basket when added, or Day One that makes amazing use of sound in its app.

This is a huge subject and something I intend to write more on, so I would love to hear about design delighters you have seen.

For now my message is simple: go the extra mile with your sites and add these details. These are the things that make your site memorable and communicate quality.