Has the static design comp had its day?

Paul Boag

The time was when almost all designers would present their designs to clients as an image file. However, web design has change and the role of static comps is being challenged.

Do you still present Photoshop (or equivalent) mockups to your clients? If so you appear to be a dying breed.

Many web designers argue that comps fail to communicate a website properly to a client, instead presenting it like a piece of print work. A design comp doesn’t show interaction, browser difference or responsiveness. Instead it is an idealistic view of the site that isn’t representative of the users final experience.

The problem is that clients expect design comps. What is more they are quicker to produce than a working prototype designed in the browser. Finally, some worry that using the browser rather than a design tool like Photoshop will overly restrict creativity.

With all of this in mind it sounds like a perfect debate topic for us. Therefore…

This house proposes that static design comps are an irrelevance in a world of responsive and interactive design.

Do you agree? Have you stopped using design comps, if so why? If you do use them, what is your reason? Do you agree or disagree with the house? Let us know in the comments.