Time to improve your print stylesheet

I have set myself a challenge this week and I want you to join me. I am going to improve my print stylesheet.

I have done a fair amount of work on it already but there is still improvements that can be made. What about yours?

In today’s audio tip I talk a little about how print stylesheets can be improved to make them a more pleasurable reading experience.

I also recommend checking out this article on the Web Designers Depot that provides ten tips to improving your print stylesheet.

  • I’ve always tried to include a print stylesheet on all projects but been troubled in the past with either having to “reset” loads of extra styling for print, or simply redefine things. I’ve found the way you structure and include your stylesheets can make or break handling print and IE. I build mobile-first and use a global.css base for all default / typography styles, brand colours etc. I then use separate stylesheets & media queries (only screen) to add extra styling and layout for bigger devices at given breakpoints.  When including global.css without a media=”” declaration it works on both screen and print. I then include print.css to tweak the print layout specifically and that’s pretty much it. Using separate stylesheets also allows me to be very specific with IE support (which versions get what) and doesn’t rely on respond.js

  • I was also working on print style sheets today. I discovered that you can’t use HTML5 shiv in IE8 (I was testing in WinXP). This meant that all styling on HTML5 articles didn’t work, f.e. nav {display none} did display.
    Same as the previous comment by Boon, I also opted for separate print style sheet and no respond.js. Again, to solve a IE8 issue.
    So, my top tip, test!

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