Tips for getting design signoff

Getting approval for a design concept can be difficult especially within larger organisations where there are multiple stakeholders.

In this audioboo I share some of the techniques I have included in my upcoming book “Client Centric Design”. Ideas include:

  • Avoiding personal opinion by asking for specific feedback.
  • Focusing the stakeholder on user needs and business objectives.
  • Using video as a presentation tool.
  • Alternatives to design by committee.

  • Great podcast – I particularly agree about not just emailing through designs to clients as it’s far too easy for them to just give their immediate opinion and miss the depth behind it all. It’s far more effective to present designs in person (or, as you suggested, with a video from the designer) and take the client through all of the thought processes and the reasons for every decision taken. It’s our experience anyway that this results in a lot smoother and easier sign off.