Two talks by me for the price of one ;)

Paul Boag

As part of my insane year of excessive speaking trips, I will be speaking at HOW Interactive Design in both Washington DC and San Francisco.

This promises to be another great conference. If you are thinking of attending make sure you grab the early bird discount that saves you $200 off the ticket.

You can save another $50 by entering the code PAUL at checkout.

But, don’t hang around as the early bird period only lasts until the 15th August.

Here are the details on my two talks, which I will be doing at both conferences.

Do I Need an App For That?

With more than 500,000 apps available to consumers, 2012 has been labeled the year of the app. But as you consider your mobile strategy it is legitimate to ask “Do I need an app for that?” This session will use case studies to explore the contexts in which an app is the right solution and also highlight the situations in which other mobile web solutions are the right choice for your users.

You’ll learn:

  • The difference is between a native and a web app
  • A working definition of responsive web design
  • The importance of understanding user context
  • The circumstances in which an app is the right solution and when it is not

Unbelievable ecommerce

In this session, Paul Boag will explain how he took one ecommerce website from relatively successful beginnings to unbelievable heights. In only 5 years he and the team at Headscape increased sales on the site by a staggering 10,000%. What makes the story even more unbelievable is that the average customer is over 80 years old! This single example will act as a case study that guides you towards better understanding your audience and growing your online sales significantly.

You’ll learn:

  • Why it’s important for the designer and client to work together
  • How to build a site based on testing and metrics
  • How to focus the user on key functional components such as shopping baskets
  • How to reduce cart abandonment
  • How to tie together the online and offline experience