If you want clients to sign off your design, you need to learn some new skills

Paul Boag

I am fed up with hearing web designers moan about their clients. The problem is nobody has taught us how best to work with clients. We just make it up as we go along.

It is demoralising when you have spent days working on a design only to have it rejected by the client. You put so much effort into your work and then the client seems to reject it for no good reason. But, this kind of rejection isn’t because the client is stupid. It’s because you are approaching the design process in the wrong way.

The problem is nobody teaches us how to work with clients. There are endless tutorials about the latest CSS techniques and you can attend courses to learn design. But, where do you develop those ‘soft skills’ required for working with clients?

I was discussing this problem with Alex from Template Monster. Both of us find it frustrating that there is not more advice about this stuff. In the end we agreed to do something about it. So I have just published a post on their blog looking at a better way of working with clients. I explore a more collaborative relationship between client and designer. A relationship that will result in better designs, a happier client and easier sign off.

If you want easier design sign-off read this!

The idea is that this will be the first of many posts at Template Monster. Posts that will explore the softer side of the web design business.