When it comes to colour, test

Colour is not something I have spoken about before on my daily audio tips. However it is something I have blogged about in the past.

Colour is an amazingly controversial subjects and the causes many design projects to be delayed. The reason for this is that colour is so subjective. Our opinions about colour can be influenced by things such as:

  • Childhood experiences.
  • Cultural influences.
  • How we physically perceive colour.
  • The medium through which we are viewing colour.

In this audio tip I share some ways to deal with colour. I mention subjects like:

Making decisions about colour needs to be more than a personal opinion. Good colour choices are based on solid theory or/and tested thoroughly with the chosen target audience.

  • Thanks for sharing on this topic. The color (from America) of a design so often effects how people understand the layout of a design.

    After testing a particular layout and being sure that the layout was exactly right, our team decided to change the color scheme up a bit. Once we showed the design with the new color scheme to that other half of our team, there was immediate uproar. “Why did you change everything?” or “This new design will be harder for the user to click through.”

    Nothing had changed aside from the colors. 
    I’ll look into your recommendations. 

  • Chris Cowley

    An interesting thing the company I work for discovered is that there are geographic differences in coloUr  perception. We found that a video restoration box we make was being heavily critisized in Japan. This was inspite of it being generally regarded as the best-of-breed (and suitable expensive) in Europe and America.

    It turned out that in Japan, there is a tendancy for people to see things with what we (in Europe) would call a yellow tint. To them, we see everything with a slight blue tint.