Workfu, a case study in simplicity

Paul Boag

I wanted to share with you a quick review of a new web application called Workfu.

Workfu provides a ‘smart profile’ for your professional life. Think of it as a simplified (and in my opinion better) LinkedIn.

Workfu provides a number of benefits I love:

  • It provides a central profile you can refer people. This is a combination of your professional resume and social networks, presented in an attractive interface.
  • It is also great for those searching for jobs. Based on your Twitter connections and keywords pulled from social networks, it recommends jobs that are right for you.
  • It is an ideal tool for employers. Unlike most job boards that are passive in nature (you post a job and then sit back waiting for applicants), Workfu will suggest people you may wish to contact.

Take a moment to watch my screencast. This is certainly where I will be pointing people interested in my resume and advertising future job opportunities at Headscape.

A case study in simplicity

Although Workfu is definitely an interesting app, my real reason for posting it is the stark contrast it strikes to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn focuses on functionality, while Workfu is all about simplicity. The difference is striking when you compare the user interfaces of both sites.

For me the winner of these two different approaches is clear. Workfu is a beautiful, elegant and enjoyable experience. Although it is not doing the same thing as LinkedIn (so a direct comparison is unfair), it does demonstrate how important it is to focus your application and keep the experience clean and simple.