A hopeless sense of direction

Paul Boag

I have just bought a TomTom GO 300 which is a type of GPS device. One of the things this device allows you to do is connect it to your mobile phone and download traffic information etc. That is if you can get it working…

Pointless background information you don’t need

Anybody that know me will testify to what a terrible sense of direction I have. It therefore will come as no suprise to discover I was lost when my old GPS device broke. Not being able to function with out it I went out and found myself the latest in GPS technology, the TomTom GO.

One of the functions of this device was the ability to connect it to your phone with Bluetooth and from there download traffic information from the web. However like so much of this wonderful technology stuff I couldnt get it working. After much hassle I have finally succeeded so I thought I would post my solution here in case like me you face the same problem and a google search came up blank.

Connecting a TomTom GO to Vodafone GPRS

Although the TomTom GO device claims all you have to do is provide your country, supplier (eg. Vodafone) and type of phone in order to connect to the internet the truth is slightly more complicated. In my case TomTom connected to my Motorola v525 without a hitch. The Bluetooth pairing was a painless process so I will skip that. The problem arose when the TomTom then wanted to connect to the web via Vodafone GPRS. Instead of being able to just use the automatic settings provided I had to configure things manually. These are the settings that I found worked:

Access Point: pp.vodafone.co.uk
Username: wap
Password: wap
Obtaining an IP: Automatic
DNS server: Manual
Preferred DNS: [leave field blank]
Alterntaive DNS: [leave field blank]
Dial: *99#
Login script: +cgdcont=1,"ip","pp.vodafone.co.uk"

This worked for me. Good luck!