Are Macs that important!?

Paul Boag

Recently we had a client come back to us with some concerns over the fact that their site didn’t display properly on a Mac. Although we obviously fixed the problem it did make me wonder whether we have our priorities right.

The issue of Mac’s comes up again and again for me as a web designer. Clients always seem remarkably concerned that their web site looks great on a Mac. This is often because their advertising agency has made some comment that the site doesn’t look perfect on their system. In my experience this is often more to do with the fact that the advertising agency didn’t win the web design contract than a sincere desire to see the web site project the brand in the best light.

It’s a numbers game

But should Mac’s really be considered that important. Let’s put this in perspective. 2% of visitors are using the Mac operating system. Although significant this is remarkably low when you compare it to the 5% that cannot use Javascript!

Confused priorities

The same clients who are so concerned about making their site look great on a Mac are also demanding Javascript reliant functions such as pop up windows, dynamic HTML menus and Javascript driven shopping carts.

Accessibility for all

I am not suggesting we should ignore the Mac operating system. What I am saying is that we need to concentrate as much (if not more) of our efforts on ensuring our web sites are accessible to larger groups such as those without Javascript. Web sites should be accessible to all not just the vocal minority.