atMedia: IE7 and beyond

Paul Boag

Chris Wilson, the lead developer on IE 7 shares some of his thoughts on the upcoming release of Internet Explorer.

There have been endless posts on the various new features and fixes in Internet Explorer 7 so I won’t bother going over what Chris covered in this area. However there were three tip bits of information which you might not be aware of:

Getting ready for IE 7

I didn’t realise quite how many tools Microsoft have produced for web designers and website owners to help them assess their site in IE7. In fact they have produced an IE 7 readiness toolkit which you can download. The one tool that particularly caught my attention was an expression finder which allows you to identify any hacks in CSS.

IE 8 and beyond

Microsoft seem to be more committed to moving Internet Explorer forward than in the past. They are already working on the next two releases and it would seem that we won’t have to wait another 5 years for the next upgrade!

Windows update

The big question every web designer is asking, is how long before they can drop support for IE 6. Well that depends on how fast IE 7 is rolled out. It sounds like this will happen fairly fast because it will be included as part of the windows update. It also looks like it will be a high priority update because of all of the security fixes. In short Microsoft will be pushing IE7 as hard as possible.