Build a better web application for your business

Paul Boag

I’m fed up with hearing about yet another Silicon Valley Web application, built with fairy dust and funded by magic pixies. It’s time to talk about web applications built by the rest of us.

When it comes to web applications, like so many other things, the 80/20 rule applies. 80% of what is written about web applications relates to a mere 20% of the applications being created.

Everything seems to focus on applications for web start-ups with no client, no deadline and often little in the way of business objectives.

By that definition few of us are involved in building web applications. However that is not true. Whether you work for a web design agency or as an in-house designer/developer, you will probably have worked on a web application recently.

These applications range from stock management systems that integrate with e-commerce sites, to enquiry handling and customer service applications. These applications are often produced within tight deadlines, limited budgets and with the boss or client hanging over our shoulder.

Personally I love working on these kinds of applications and as part of my role at Headscape I get to do so regularly. The problem is that there is so little written on this subject. Nobody seems to be sharing advice or best practice.

That is why my latest article for smashing magazine is entitled “how to build a better web application for your business”. My hope is this to encourage discussion. At the end of the article I write:

There is an opportunity to learn from one another. Unfortunately, many development teams toil away in isolation within large organisations. Articles like this should stimulate discussion and encourage us to share our experiences – both good and bad – of working on these little heard of web apps.

If you can find the time, I would appreciate you going to smashing magazine and sharing your experiences of web applications. You might even learn something from my article!