Should all websites be responsive?

Paul Boag

The next season of the Boagworld Podcast is going to debate the major issues surrounding web design. The first subject is responsive design and we need your opinion.

Responsive design has taken the web design world by storm and many clients are now insisting that their sites be made responsive. However, is responsive design always the right solution and should all sites be made responsive?

The new season of the Boagworld Podcast that starts in September is going to tackle the biggest issues surrounding web design in a series called “The Great Debate”.

We are going to use the debating format that you may remember from school. Each week we will have a statement proposed by ‘the house’ that you can either support or reject. For example our statement relating to responsive design is:

This house proposes that all new websites should be built to be responsive.

Like this post, all future debates will be released ahead of the podcast so it can be discussed in the comments. Of course, like all debates, you cannot answer “it depends.” There will be no sitting on the fence! You have to pick a side.

So what side of the fence are you going to pick on responsive design? What are the pros and cons of making every site responsive? Post your thoughts in the comments now. The best comments will be featured in the show.

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