Smart 404

I have just discovered a great WordPress plugin that significantly reduces the chance of a user ever seeing a 404 error page.

When a page cannot be found, Smart 404 will use the current URL to attempt to find a matching page, and redirect to it automatically. Smart 404 also supplies template tags which provide a list of suggestions, for use on a 404.php template page if a matching post can’t be immediately discovered.

What a superb idea! Try it out on this post. Go to the address bar and delete the word smart from the URL. It will still find this page.

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  • That does work, but if you just miss type the url like, which is probably more common to happen you still end up with boag brains all over the screen.

  • Anonymous

    It sounds like a great idea but I’m not sure how necessary it is. WordPress works really hard to avoid giving out a 404 message. For example, the following typos would all redirect or show to this post without the plugin:,,,–404/, and,,

    I’ve tested elsewhere to ensure it’s not the plugin doing the work.I think you’d be better off turning the URL into a search term and searching for results. A page that doesn’t redirect – eg: – would then show a listing for the page.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry it’s all an unclear block, disqus doesn’t allow line breaks.

  • Great, but does it have the potential to serve up incorrect pages if you mistype your own hyperlinks.  Also, how will it affect your Google Analytics, since you’ll never know that a 404 page would have been served?

  • Cool plug-in. Personally though, I’m a fan of fun hidden Easter eggs on 404 pages :)

  • The plugin just saved me after the structure of one of the websites I deal with was changed. I still have to do some work with the htaccess file but I think I’ll keep this plugin for a little longer…

  • This is a great plugin!