Super Whooper

Paul Boag

I have seen a lot of Google maps mashups in my time but never one that tracks Merlin flying across the Atlantic.

Okay so that is a very misleading introduction. Merlin is in fact the name of a 7 year old Whooper Swan. He and 6 of his buddies are being tracked by satellite as they migrate from Iceland to Britain and Ireland.

Chris Sanderson one of our designers at Headscape has managed to take this tracking data and map it in real time on a Google Map. he has done a superb job and you should definitely check it out on the The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust website. It leaves you have the vague feeling that you are watching some intercontinental race. At the moment my money in on Merlin who is in second place to Fiachra but I notice that Fiachra’s flight path has been a bit erratic so I am hoping he will get lost.

Map showing the migration of Whooper Swans