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Twitter is becoming an increasingly important business tool and yet what we post which could easily be lost forever.

I don’t know about your organisation but for Headscape twitter is a vital marketing tool. Through the Boagworld twitter stream we promote products, workshops, clinics and obviously our web design services to0. However twitter is not just a promotional tool. It is also valuable archive for various thoughts, ideas and links.

Unfortunately twitter has two weaknesses: first, it only allows you to search a limited subset of your tweets. Second, all of your tweets are held by third party who may decide to delete them either intentionally or by accident.

Tweet Nest website

Fortunately there is a tool called Tweetnest that helps you deal with both of these issues. To begin with it backs up all of your tweets onto your own web server ensuring that they are safe for the future. However more importantly, it also allows you to search your entire tweet archive. This has already proved invaluable as I desperately try to remember whether I’ve tweeted on a subject and if so what I said. It is also great for retrieving links that you only vaguely remember.

Boagworld Tweetnest

Admittedly you require some technical knowledge to be able to set this up on your server. However it is currently completely free and as long as you have a basic understanding of your hosting environment it is not difficult to set up.

Browse the Boagworld Twitter archive

  • prisca

    Paul :)

    thanks for writing this post – will pass it on to anyone using Twitter :)
    After you tweeted it – I set it up for my webdesign course – now it will slowly grow into an archive of useful links:

    Love the fact that it takes care of all the archiving for you – and that you can tie it into the design of the site.

    Thanks again ;)

  • Pascal

    Hey Paul, I know you also appreciate the simpler options too and whilst not quite as cool as tweetnest, SocialSafe is a good option for easy incremental backups, stores offline and searchable locally. If you think it’s any good let me know and I’ll sort you out with some freebies to give away.


  • Pete Clark

    There’s a really cool iPhone app called Momento which you can use to archive Tweets, along with your personal blog feeds, Facebook updates and more besides. You can also use it for private diary-like entries. Everything is exportable too. It’s probably more useful as a personal records rather than a business archive, but I thought I’d put it out there.

    • Paul Boag

      I love Momento. Its one of my favourite apps. However, I like having an online version too. Can never have too many backups :)

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t know it was possible to archive old tweets, thanks for the info.

    Amy @ Cowboy Millionaire Review

  • Easy Video Suite

    Thanks for this info, I’ll start archiving my tweets ASAP

  • Scam or Not

    Wow! Thanks for letting me know that I can archive my tweets… Some of them aren’t that important I guess, but it’s always good to have a backup just in case, thank you