Who cares about technology?

Paul Boag

Are you excited by terms like web 2.0, AJAX or RSS? Do you drool over a nice piece of semantic markup? Or are you a web site owner who faces developers baffling you with techno babble? Should you care about technology? Hell no, your users certainly don’t.

When you are sucked into the world of web design (whether you are a designer, developer or website owner), it is easy to be seduced by the latest cool piece of technology. From flash to AJAX, there is always a new advance to lure you in. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that in itself. We all need to keep up with the latest technologies and look at whether they can benefit your site. The problem comes when we focus more on the technology than on what it can actually add to your user’s experience.

Your sites visitors aren’t impressed that your site is built using AJAX or that you have chosen open source PHP over the evil corporate machine that is .net. So often, we look at a piece of technology and ask how we can add it to our site. What we should be doing is looking at what would make our site better for our users and then work out which technology can best achieve that.