Are you wasting the potential of the web?

Paul Boag

I know I am boring you all with my posts on web governance and strategy, but am I wasting my breath?

I feel like I have become a man obsessed. All I seem to talk about these days is web strategy and governance.

I know its not a sexy subject and I can tell by the decline in comments that I am boring you all, but I just find myself so frustrated by the wasted opportunities I see.

I am still passionate about great design, mobile, accessibility etc. But, I have come to realise that if I don’t face the underlying problems most organisations have, the websites we build will quickly become out of date, ineffective and frankly embarrassing.

Strategic or reactive

Take for example the recent post I have written for In it I talk about how many sites are crippled by reactive management. Instead of thinking strategically, sites are managed based on the biggest problem at the time or the person in the organisation who shouts the loudest. This is no way to ensure your site is as effective as possible.

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The problem of senior management

Not that this is the only problem. Only last wednesday I looked at how senior management doesn’t really get the web and what we can do about it. Until our digital strategy has full backing and understanding by them it is never going to live up to its potential. This is because the web cannot just be tacked on to a business strategy. Its too important for that.

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Impotent web teams

And then there is the problem of how web teams are run. This is something I posted on a while ago. Many organisations are beginning to recognise that the web is business critical but don’t give their web teams the power to do their jobs effectively. Too many web teams are seen as a resource for other departments to use, rather than the driving force behind the companies web strategy.

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Am I wasting my breath?

So you tell me, should I be writing about this stuff or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is this something you care about or should I go back to writing about content, UX and web design news? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. I need some guidance over this one.

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