Boom / Bust web design

Do you redesign your website every couple of years? Find out why this could be creating real problems.

For me the problem that many websites face can be summed up perfectly in this infographic Leigh produced for my upcoming book ‘Client Centric Web Design‘.

An image of the endless redesign cycle most websites go through.

Fortunately it doesn’t need to be this way. A while ago I explored this issue in a post called ‘site evolution‘, where I encouraged website owners to move to an ongoing program of development. This brings with it a large number of tangible benefits both to the users and business.

However, to make this approach work it also requires a fundamental shift in the way clients and designers work together. This is something I have touched on before in ‘A new client / designer relationship‘ and will be explored in-depth in my upcoming book.

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    Wish I charged £50k for a website/app ;) Actually we do this already. We build a customers site and quote for the ongoing work at the same time – a “refresh” every 6 months or 3 months depending on their industry/customers.