Bubble 2.0.

Just in case you need convincing of our upcoming doom…

  • http://www.whpodcast.com Wayne Henderson

    Paul, thanks for sharing this insane video. What a wake-up call, in more ways than one. Either way, Merry Christmas! Wayne

  • http://www.grantmc.co.uk Grant

    HAHA, i saw this while ago on youtube, still just as funny.

  • Rob

    I don’t know if this could be construed as a wake-up call. Buzzmania is going to be the new end. Then everyone gets recycled, the true warriors stick around and we do it all over again when Web 3.0 hits the shelves.
    Video is a great laugh though.

  • http://www.odin.net ilahiler

    Thank you
    Movie is a great laugh though.

  • http://www.stuzz.co.uk 7031

    Lol. Briliant. So is 2008 just a repeat of 2000 then? Proof that maybe the web is going nowhere.

  • http://www.maxmedia.co.uk/ Richard

    Just wish I’d done this myself!