Is your website an x-factor contestant who just can’t sing?

Paul Boag

Have you ever met somebody who has a completely false image about themselves? A classic example would be those people who appear on x-factor and American idol, but cannot sing. They think they are one thing, but the truth is they are something else entirely.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel vaguely embarrassed for such people. Knowing who you are is an important skill and one many of us lack. That is why so many organisations get staff to do personality tests. It helps their employees get a better feel for their strengths, weaknesses and character.

Having a clear sense of identity is not just limited to individuals. I believe organisations need that too. Before a company can “sell” itself online, it must know who it is. This affects tone of voice, design, and how the company uses tools such as social media.

Unfortunately, many organisations don’t have a clear vision of their character, or how they wish to portray themselves. One of the most common questions I ask at kickoff meetings is:

If your organisation was a famous person, who would it be?

You would be amazed at the debate this question causes. Sometimes the discussions become quite heated and prolonged. Often employees have very different views on the answer.

Do you have a clear picture of your organisation? Is that picture consistent with what other people within the company think? Have you asked your customers to see if they perceive you in the same way? Get it wrong and you will come across as one of those talent show participants who cannot sing.

Perhaps its time to find out.