How to help your colleagues understand and use digital

Paul Boag

As digital professionals we can be too concerned with controlling our companies digital assets. We tend to forget the ultimate goal.

There is a big move in many organisations to centralise the control of digital. Normally within a digital transformation team. This team seeks to establish a consistent approach in the use of digital, and new working practices for the digital age.

But it is important to remember that the ultimate goal is to transform the entire organisation. Transform it so that it can make better use of digital. One day digital should be as ubiquitous in our organisations as electricity is. That is why organisations such as Google or Facebook do not have digital teams. Digital is a part of every aspect of business. That is where we all need to be heading.

Unfortunately in our rush to bring order to the chaos we are failing to plan for that longer term goal. How are we going to make everybody within our organisation comfortable using digital on a daily basis? For that matter how are we going to convince everybody of the value of digital and encourage them to embrace it?

Time for an internal comms campaign

Alongside rationalising our use of digital we need to be undertaking a major internal comms campaign. We need to be promoting the use of digital within our organisation. We should be providing training, documentation and support. Ensuring that everybody can integrate digital technologies into their work.

Need help establishing your internal comms campaign? I am here to help.

We need to be showing people how they can use digital to better serve todays connected consumers. But we also need to be empowering people to use digital to work smarter and more efficiently. Finally we also need to open peoples eyes to the potential of digital to allow new products and services.

We should be doing this through ongoing training, blogging, and mentoring. We should be providing best practice documentation, video tutorials and support.

We should be communicating with our colleagues through email newsletters, Yammer channels and meet-ups.

Who is your digital evangelist?

Yet these things take time. Whose responsibility is this? The digital teams? They are too busy establishing new digital platforms. Human resources? They don’t have the digital knowledge to make this happen. What we need are digital evangelists dedicated to this role.

The problem is that if we neglect this work we will just create a new digital silo in our organisation. We will not change our organisations culture and it will become irrelevant. We will have failed.

Don’t wait for somebody else to pick up this challenge. Get help and start the work yourself.