Just how significant is the web to business?

Paul Boag

In the next season of the podcast we explore the impact of the web on business, but is it really as significant as web professionals would claim?

With the final show of season seven coming out a week Friday, I want to start looking further ahead.

After Christmas, the podcast is going to focus on the profound effect that the web has had on the way businesses operate. We’re going to explore how companies need to adapt to the new digital economy and what that means for the way they are structured, organised and ran. All of these are things covered in my upcoming book “Digital adaptation” coming out in March.

We want your perspective

The book raises a number of questions and it is these questions that I wish to discuss on the podcast. Following the amazing comments, observations and feedback received in the debate season of the podcast, I’m keen to continue highlighting your perspectives in the show.

For example in the first show after Christmas, I want to ask whether web professionals have an inflated view of the web and its impact on business.

In my book I claim that the web is having as fundamental effect on business as the industrial revolution. I go on to claim that companies who fail to adapt to this new digital economy will ultimately fall. However, is this really true?

We have seen the web turns sectors such as newspapers, music and cable TV upside down, but does that mean other sectors will ultimately follow suit? Should all business owners be thinking about the impact of the web on their businesses or are some safe?

Image of Blockbuster store closing
Digital is transforming sectors and closing traditional retailers.

What kind of response should business owners be considering? Is it enough to maintain a good marketing website, or are there more fundamental changes they need to consider? Do you see the web as having a profound impact on the way businesses interact, how they are run and how they manage their staff?

If you look at post web companies such as Mailchimp, Valve or Google, you see companies using new processes to do business. Processes shaped by the web. Is this a foretaste of what is to come for all businesses or are they an exception because they deliver digital products?

It is these kinds of questions I would love to hear your thoughts on. They will form the basis of what we discuss on the show, but will also feed into the new book.

Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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