Manifesto for Digital Transformation

Convincing management of the need for organisational change is hard. This manifesto is perfect for showing them what needs to happen.

As web professionals we know that our organisations need to change if they are going to embrace the digital world we live in. But, convincing management is tough.

It would be great if we could get them to read a book like Digital Adaptation. But, that isn’t going to happen. Digital is just not high enough on their agenda.

Heck, even getting them to watch the 20 minute video is a challenge!

But, what about an attractively designed 16 page manifesto consisting of less than 1000 words? They might just read that.

Download the manifesto PDF format (10mb)

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  • Greig

    What a load of rubbish, your clearly do not understand higher education. You sound very arrogant.

  • Lois

    Great food for thought. Thanks for this.

    BTW, looks like you have the “core digital team” slide twice. :-)

  • @boagworld:disqus Thank you i have also found this manifesto it’s duplicate..

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  • jitheshjosephpalmbeach

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  • Thomas Minnefor

    Great review of the digital organizational hurdles in higher-ed. As internal web teams become more conversant in analytics, the dialog with management should improve. Internal web teams would benefit by making design recommendations supported by analytics that reflect an understanding of the marketing context of a site. The vocabulary of analytics can also be a hurdle, but if management can be shown how simple, tangible, design changes can be measured, the use of analytics should gradually become part of management culture, which in turn will help drive organizational change.