Policies, procedures and better websites

Paul Boag

My latest Smashing Magazine post provides some valuable tools for ensuring your organisation works more effectively with its website.

Yesterday I posted about a new series I will be writing on site management, strategy and governance. Sounds exciting doesn’t it.

If you simply cannot wait and want a sneak peek at just some of the things we will be covering, check out my latest post on Smashing Magazine.

Entitled “An Organizational Structure That Supports Your Digital Presence” I highlight the fact that many organisations need to undergo cultural and structural change in order to effectively utilise the web.

I look at subjects such as responsibilities, policies, politics, roadmaps, KPIs and more. If your website is struggling due to management issues, then this is a worthwhile read. As I say at the beginning of the post…

When it comes to the Web, few organizations have found the Goldilocks zone. Their online activities are either under-managed with minimal policies and procedures, or dogged by bureaucracy and internal politics.

Time to fix the problem.

If the smashing magazine throws up any questions or you would like help implementing change then visit Headscape and get in touch.