The Benefits associated with calls to action

It is not enough to create strong calls to action on your website. If the user doesn’t understand the benefits of completing that call to action they will ignore it.

Before you call a user to action, first clearly describe what they will receive in return.

Take Skype for example. Skype has a very clear call to action on its homepage (download). However, that action is associated with a strong reason to do so.

Skype Homepage

Look at your own website and ask yourself whether the benefits of completing a call to action are obvious.

  • Joshua Lewis

    I’d like to add that it can be valuable to present calls to action in pairs. This is particularly true when the primary action requires a fair amount of investment or commitment from the user. ‘Buy Now’ and ‘Contact us’ are common examples.

    Including a second call to action with a lower commitment like ‘download the free demo’ or ‘subscribe to our newseltter’ can buy more time to converse with the user and more opportunities to convince them to take the main action.