No more web projects

Before you launch yet another web project to redesign your site, I beg you to think twice.

Sometimes I feel like a stuck record going over the same ground. One subject that makes me feel particularly like that are web projects to redesign a site.

I first wrote about the subject back in 2005 and unfortunately have been repeating myself ever since. For the longest time I could not understand why organisations seem so obsessed with periodically redesigning their websites, rather than maintaining them on an ongoing basis.

More recently (partly thanks to a brilliant article by Gerry McGovern) I’ve come to understand that this is because organisations prefer working on a series of clearly defined projects, rather than committing to ongoing investment.

Although I can see the benefits of this approach, it runs counter to the very nature of the web. The web evolves at such a blistering pace and users expectations evolve alongside it, that you cannot afford to simply update your website once every two or three years.

A more iterative approach to web projects

We need to introduce a more iterative approach to our sites, where we have an ongoing programme of incremental improvements based on extensive testing.

This lean and iterative approach to incremental web design is something I explore further in a post I have just published over at

So before you initiate yet another web project to redesign your site, I would encourage you to read the post or send me an email to discuss the alternatives available to you.

Eight years on from my original post, it really is time for us to change how we manage our websites.