Working in web design

We recently relaunched Get Signoff. However, this is more than improvements to our design signoff application. It also includes the launch of a new blog dedicated to working in web design.

Have you ever done a project that wasn’t finished to your normal standard? It stinks doesn’t it. It’s also frustrating and embarrassing. That is how I felt about Get Signoff.

When we had the original idea for Get Signoff, we had such grand plans. I wanted it to be more than just a design tool. I wanted it to be a web design community that shared ideas on running a successful web design business. I wanted to discuss issues of productivity, dealing with clients and every other aspect of running a web design business.


I wanted Get Signoff to cover the areas Boagworld failed to address.

Because Boagworld is tailored to website owners, it isn’t the place to discuss running a web design business. However we had hoped Get Signoff would be.

Unfortunately, the realities of time and resources prevented that from happening… until now.

Great advice

As we say on the new Get Signoff website…

With the relaunch comes the new and blog where we’ll not only be talking about Get Signoff, but also publishing articles and links that we hope will help and advise you on improving your workflow, learn how to better interact with your clients and techniques to make you more productive.

Ryan (who is now the man behind Get Signoff) is going to be pulling together some great content on running a web design business. This is definitely a blog you’ll want to subscribe to.

However, we haven’t stopped there.

New pricing

We have also implemented a range of new, cheaper pricing plans tailored specifically to your needs. The old Pro and Enterprise plans have been replaced with Team and Agency respectively, and we’re introducing an all new Freelancer plan.

Most importantly to you, the plans are cheaper!

New Pricing Plan

A long term investment

Finally and in my opinion most importantly, we now have dedicated people working on Get Signoff full time. This means that it will be continually improving and you will get the best customer service.

For me this is the most exciting part. Get Signoff is already an invaluable design tool. However, it is only the beginning. We have so many ideas on how it can be improved and now we have the people to work on it.

Try Get Signoff for yourself

  • Just signed up for the ‘Team’ account, loving it so far! Good work guys :D

  • Brilliant! I was waiting to see if the price would drop! Gonna sign up straight away

  • Rock on Paul, or Ryan… Love the new look and can’t wait to try it out once more.

    Best to you guys!

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  • Kristine Jubeck

    The blog about running a web design business sounded great. I’m sad to see the link no longer works. Does it have a new home?

    Content for web design business owners seems so hard to find (that is, not freelancers or solopreneurs … Those actually looking to build a team, develop process, mission, etc.).

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately it does not. We sold Get Sign Off and they decided not to continue it. That said, we now offer an entire section on boagworld that focuses on working in web design