Digital Transformation

If you work for an organisation struggling with digital transformation, these resources are for you. They are a collection of our posts and presentations designed to help you bring about change.

An introduction to digital transformation

If you are reading this you know things need to change in your organisation if it is to compete in the digital economy. This presentation talks you through the arguments for change. It suggests ways you can help and provides advice about where to begin.

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Digital Transformation trailer

You might know things need to change, but does your senior management team? Grab two minutes of their time and show them this trailer.

Feel free to download this trailer and use in a presentation.

Senior management overview

Have you got the attention of senior management? If so now is the time to show them this 17 minute presentation that introduces them to digital transformation.

You can download this video too, if you would like to use it in a presentation

Manifesto for digital transformation

If your management team wants something in writing, send them this manifesto for change. It outlines the key elements of digital transformation in less than 1000 words.

Download the document

PDF format (10mb)

Take a digital health check

Once management have agreed this is an area worth investigating use our digital health check to show them the extent of the problem.

Take a digital health check

Unsure where to begin

Get help to bring change!