Resources for in-house web teams

For the day's when even superman wouldn't get the website approved.

Do you work as part of an in-house web team? Are there days when even superman would fail to overcome the politics and bureaucracy? Help is at hand.

Working as part of an in-house team is not always easy. I am sure things are wonderful if you work for an internet startup. But for those who work as part of a pre-digital business, things can be tough.

Management are out of their depth. Departments fail to collaborate. And despite all your knowledge and expertise, you spend your days building other people’s ideas. There is no strategy, no leadership and everything moves too slowly.

If that feels like you, then it’s time to change things and I am here to get you started.

Some inspirational reading

For a start I have a little collection of posts to inspire you.

You may also want to get a copy of my book Digital Adaptation. It will help you change the entire culture of your organisation.

Watch the presentation

The trouble with being an in-house web person is that you never have enough time. Not even enough to read the articles here. If that is you, get my fight the system presentation instead.

You will learn:

  • How to become respected so that your voice will be heard.
  • How to overcome problem people and politics.
  • How to get approval for the work you know needs to be done.
  • How to prevent scope creep.

Get the presentation ($20)