Where is the forum?

Okay, I have some bad news. Brace yourself…

I have closed the boagworld forum.

I know, if you are viewing this page then you were probably a fan of the forum and so this might be a little disappointing. However, I do have good reasons:

  • The forum was a lot of work to maintain, due to insane amounts of spam.
  • Only a fraction of my followers ever used it.
  • It was exasperating a problem I had with fractured conversations happening across the forum, twitter, Facebook and comments.
  • There are loads of better web design forums out there and my own contribution felt like a slightly pointless addition.

But do not despair! The forum maybe gone but there is now a question and answers section to take its place.

This new section allows you to post questions via Twitter (using the hash tag #helpbw) and users can monitor that hash tag and respond to questions.

In addition, I will pick some questions and either post an answer on the blog myself or encourage another boagworld reader to do so.

If you were a big fan of the forum and would still like to be involved then drop me an email and we can plan ways to make the new Q&A section something special.

Visit the Q&A section now