How to Create a Persona in 6 Steps

Better understand your audience and ensure that their needs are not forgotten.

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Use this guide about how to create a persona for your marketing and UX projects. A persona will help you understand your user needs and drivers, as well as ensure you stay focused on users during projects.

1. Gather what your organisation knows about your users.

You can do this by speaking to customer-facing staff, analysing analytics, reviewing previous research and looking at customer correspondence.

2. Review the information gathered and identify the characteristics of users.

Check that you have the following information:

— The User’s Questions
— The User’s Objections
— The User’s Tasks
— What Influences the User
— The User’s State of Mind
— The User’s Ultimate Goal
— The Pain Points the User Needs Help Overcoming

3. Carry out user research to plug gaps in your knowledge.

User research can involve user interviews, surveys, journey mapping and various forms of observation.

4. Apply the information you have learned to the following template.

Map out the information you have gathered onto a wireframe of your persona.

5. Take the basic persona above and apply the visual design.

Visually designed persona.

Get a designer or use a tool like UXPressia to turn your wireframe into an attractive design asset.

6. Use your persona often

A persona is of no use unless it is used regularly. Take it into meetings, display it on the wall in your offices or include it in relevant documents. Do not let it sit in a drawer unused.

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