Sell Your Team on the Benefits of Great UX

Paul Boag

Working somewhere that doesn’t put the needs of customers first can be frustrating. These 52 Cards
are designed to help you convince your team how important user experience truly is!

The truth is that many of our colleagues do care about the user’s experience, they just don’t know it yet! They want to increase revenue, cut costs, meet targets or any number of other things that efficient user experience design can help improve. We just need to get better at showing them the potential. We need to learn how to sell user experience.

That has become somewhat of an obsession for me. This deck can help you start shifting culture at your workplace so that others understand how important it is to be user centric. The techniques on these cards are the distillation of 20 years experience of working with companies to become more user-friendly. Born out of the research undertaken for the book User Experience Revolution, they include techniques used by organizations who have successfully realigned around user needs.