Create a consistant user experience across all online channels

I have recently been working on my local churches website. However, this has now expanded to encompass all their online channels from Facebook to email. The reason for all this extra unpaid work? I cannot stand to see the user having an inconsistent experience.

Its so important to present users with a consistently branded and quality experience across all the channels they encounter online. To do anything else smacks of a “I don’t care attitude” and is unprofessional.

  • Mike Pritchard

    I enjoy reading your blogs and find your advice interesting but three grammatical / spelling errors in 6 lines is “unprofessional” too.

  • Geoge McCormick

    I totally agree. Going the “extra” mile makes a world of difference.

  • Paul keep in mind I haven’t listened to your audio boo yet but are you saying that the features on an iPad site for a user should be the same as Facebook?  Also does that include things like copy and goals / tasks?  I kind of disagree with this I’m of the opinion that a user on bestbuys mobile site has different intentions and goals then the desktop site…   and so forth can you clear this up or perhaps this is in your clip

    • Anonymous

      No I am not saying that. Best listen to the Audioboo.


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  • It depends on the each and every user if they care about having the same user experience or not. In most cases people just doesn’t notice these things, but it’s always to play safe and make unified user experience than not. It’s similar to famous quote: better safe than sorry.