Google adwords hint – use overture

Paul Boag

If you are already running a Google Adwords campaign you will know that competing for popular keywords can be an expensive business. The trick is to find keywords that don’t have a lot of competition but how exactly are you supposed to do that?

The problem

One solution is to use Google’s keyword suggestion facility. You can enter in a keyword or phrase such as "web design" and it will return variations that you might want to consider adding to your campaign. The problem with this approach is that this service is available to every Google Adword customer and so a lot of these keywords are already heavily advertised.

The solution

My advise is to use Overture’s suggestion system instead. Overture is Google Adwords main competition and run a very similar service but deliver ads to the likes of Yahoo and MSN. However many advertisers only run ads on Google and so are unaware of the Overture keyword generator. This means that the competition for their keywords on Google isn’t as heavy and so you will pay less per click through. Also Overture has the added advantage of displaying how many searches were completed on the keywords it returns. This gives you an idea of how popular those phrases are.Click here to use the Overture search term suggestion tool