Google Web Alerts

Paul Boag

A new way to keep an eye on the competition and who is saying what about your company.

Google have launched a new service: Google Web Alerts. Although still a BETA product this service offers some useful capability for those managing company websites. In essence the service informs you via email when new information is spidered by google relating to search criteria you set. Some applications of this might include:

Keeping up to date with industry developments

Google could inform you every time a new site is spidered that relates directly to your industry. This means you will always be abreast of the latest developments.

Keep a watchful eye on your competition

By using the search term "" you can keep a close eye on who are linking to your competition and how they are expanding their own sites. For example to keep up to date with what is happening on the Headscape website and who is linking to us you would type ""

Monitor references to your company

You could use the Google Web Alerts service to monitor who is talking about your company online or even who is linking to you.