Have you looked at Froogle?

Paul Boag

If you are selling products on the Web, you are missing the opportunity to sell more if you have not listed your products with Froogle.

What is Froogle?

Froogle is the shopping search engine for Google. Google takes your e-commerce database in an excel format and integrates it into its store search engine, allowing your products to be widely searched on the Web. When a client selects your product, the link takes them directly into your e-commerce web site to purchase.

To be on Froogle, you must apply first. Your website must be fully operational and pass Google’s review. Once approved, Google/Froogle sends you specifications for creating your data feed and sends FTP access. The excel file is then turned into a comma separated file and saved with a .txt ending. The file is then uploaded to Froogle using FTP.

The next step is that Froogle review the data feed for errors and posts your products in their search engine. Make sure to reload your data feed monthly or otherwise, it will be dropped from the index.

Guess what all of this is free!

Froogle does not charge to list your products on their search engine, and you as an e-commerce retailer get huge additional exposure. It is a total win situation.