RSS web feeds set to explode

Paul Boag

If you do not know what an RSS feed is or if you have not added one to your site then now is the time to act. Microsoft is the latest in a long line to integrate RSS into their product offerings.

Microsoft has recently announced that their next version of Internet explorer will use RSS to inform users of changes to their favourite web sites.

In my two previous entries on this subject, I have explained what RSS is and why you should add an RSS feed to your site. However, since those articles the adoption rate of RSS has sky rocketed. Microsoft’s major competitor in the browser market, Firefox, has already integrated an RSS reader into its browser, while Yahoo and many others allow users to add RSS feeds to their personalised homepages.

The number of sites offering RSS feeds has also increased dramatically largely fuelled by the almost universal adoption of the technology in blogs. However, RSS is not just the domain of blogs and technology sites. Major sites such as the BBC have also adopted the technology believing that it is a valuable communication method with its users.

Microsoft’s adoption of RSS in its next generation browser is part of a wider move to integrate the RSS format throughout its upcoming version of windows. Dean Hachomovitch, general manager of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team said:

"We want RSS everywhere. I want it in more than just the browser and aggregators. We want to help RSS get even bigger and better than today."

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